Our Best Consistency List

TRY Mapsly

If you are looking to increase sales while enhancing the efficiency of your operations while also giving decision-makers the ability to get things right then Mapsly is for you. This intelligent tool can help you to streamline your business and carry out geo-analysis quickly and efficiently.


Key Features

1. Simple Interface

Easy integration with Zoho CRM and a simple to use interface makes working with CRM objects as intuitive as possible. The Google Maps design makes it familiar and well-designed, enhancing usability.​

2. Customizable Map

Mapsly is designed to give you the edge over your competitors with data that can help you to make informed decisions. You can discover hidden information within your Geodata that can help you to enhance processes​

3. Processes Completely Powered by Maps

Working in line with your CRM, Maps can help you to identify sales territories, add vast numbers of prospects and create CRM workflows as well as automation. ​

4. Keep Your Business Moving

Routing and navigation can help you to maximise efficiency with optimized routes. This means that your sales team can get around easily, operate efficiently and help you make savings on fuel. This is the best-in-class fleet management and routing, streamlining how you make decisions in real-time.​

5. An Intuitive Platform

The entire Mapsly platform is data-driven and can be integrated with ease into your current IT infrastructure. It works with you, helping you to push boundaries and change the way that you work.

Integration couldn’t be easier with single sign-on, real-time syncing of data, live tracking and an adjustable import schedule.​

6. Secure and Compliant

All data is securely stored and network traffic is encrypted. Regular penetration testing and assessments ensure it meets all standards while also complying with GDPR regulations. All of your data is secure yet always accessible.

Mapsly will change how you operate, how you make decisions and help to increase sales. If you want to take advantage of its features then we can help to make that happen. Get in touch with us by booking a slot or sending us an email.​