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W3S Cloud Technology, recognized as a Zoho Premium Partner, is committed to facilitating the seamless integration of the Zoho Platform for companies. We focus on empowering your business to fully utilize customer information, aiming to amplify sales figures and foster stronger customer relationships.

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W3S Cloud Technology (W3SCLOUD) is dedicated to delivering a full suite of services customized to meet the unique demands of every customer. From small enterprises to larger corporations, we are equipped to enhance your business with a variety of strategies designed to revolutionize your workflow.

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From Deployment and Connectivity to Expert Guidance – We Drive Outcomes

1. Exploration

Start by understanding your organization’s software and cloud setup, and pinpoint your needs and priorities. This initial step is key to creating an effective strategy.

2. Planning

Outline a clear and detailed strategy that includes specific steps and actions aimed at reaching your organization’s goals. Recommend practical solutions and pinpoint the resources you’ll need to bring these plans to fruition.

3. Execution

Implement the strategy, keeping a close eye on how things are progressing and how well performance targets are being met. Continue to provide support throughout this process to ensure success and address any challenges that arise.

The core that defines us

Our creative and innovative team crave growth and fresh ideas

Our team is always hungry for new challenges and possibilities to drive their ideas to existence. We possess the capability to come up with solutions that cover your requirements and navigate your business towards the correct path. We are designed to help you to flourish.

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Data Harmony Initiative

Transform Your Data Landscape from Fragmented to Harmonized – A Single Source of Truth for Everyone.

Lead Evolution Strategy

Guide Prospects Seamlessly Through Every Stage of the Sales Funnel with Our Tailored Workflow Automation.

CRM Data Enhancement

Elevate Your CRM’s Efficiency by Eradicating Errors, Duplicates, and Outdated Entries.


What Do We Do?

W3scloud is designed to offer comprehensive services customized to meet the exact requirements of each client. Regardless of the size of your business, our value-added impactful solution would certainly advance the course of action you heed. We are born to make a difference


Welcome to W3S Cloud Technology, your trusted and dependable Zoho Certified Consultant. We are designed to offer specialist consultancy services to business entities looking to maximize the full potential of Zoho CRM.Our team contains certified professionals who possess years of experience to assist you in smoothing your business processes, strengthening customer relationships, and accomplishing your business goals by ensuring a very effective and smooth operation related to the successful implementation and optimization of Zoho CRM. We honor your unique business needs and are compatible with them. Certainly, we are more than a Zoho Certified Consultant; rather we love to realize and analyze from your shoes. We are committed to unleashing potential for businesses like yours through the proper usage of Zoho CRM.

Whether you are a beginner enthusiastic to take the very first step to using Zoho CRM or a sophisticated user eager to switch to advanced optimization, we offer complete consultancy services made up of a flawless mixture of expertise and support to advise you in every possible way. 

We offer tailored consultations that vigorously understand your distinctive business mission and challenges to plan a tailored Zoho CRM guideline. We know how to analyze the gaps, inefficiencies, and bottlenecks in your present setup. Yes, that analysis is important to bring seamless optimization. We suggest the best Zoho CRM versions and add-ons to match with your concrete requirements. 

There are several reasons for taking service from W3S Cloud Technology as you have already made up your mind to go along with Zoho CRM. Our team consists of a good number of Zoho professionals with a profound knowledge of the platform. We also have a proven track record, a dedicated support system, and industry expertise. We don’t believe that implementation is the end of our commitment. We offer ongoing assistance and support to overcome any challenge you face in the way of your business journey. Over the years, we have served a good number of businesses to achieve measurable results.

Email Solutions

To ensure unparalleled communication, you can depend on unleashing the power of Zoho. If you are tired of old-fashioned email platforms that do not go with your business, you can often think of Zoho Mail. At W3S Cloud Technology, we optimize the comprehensive capabilities of Zoho Mail to design email solutions that enhance customer engagement, satisfaction and empower your team. We generally offer a complete suite of services, no matter whether you are looking for plain email hostings or strategic integrations and campaigns. It is very natural to expect seamless migration, security and compliance, custom domain configuration, campaign management, advanced features, expert support, and other compatible and relevant services from us. Apart from the basic features, we can also assist you in optimizing email deliverability, personalizing engagement, tracking and analyzing performance, building custom workflows, and more.

You don’t have to worry a lot in terms of switching to Zoho mail which features effortless transitions to preserve your emails and data. Custom domain configuration is there where a professional-looking email address on your domain increases your brand presence. From now on you can secure regulatory compliance and data privacy with the help of very strong security features and global data centers of Zoho.

For lead generation, brand awareness, and customer nurturing, a campaign management feature is also there that facilitates the designing and execution of targeted email campaigns. Zoho mail also facilitates integration that eases the whole process of integrating your Zoho mail with the ecosystem of Zoho and other relevant business applications for coherent data automation and flow. The Email solutions of W3S Cloud Technology backed by Zoho Mail generally come with a very good number of compatible features like Zoho Mail migration, domain email and branding, security and compliance, spam and phishing protection, mobile and web access, customization and automation, integration and collaboration, training and support. 


No matter whether you are searching to optimize your present setup or starting with Zoho, W3S Cloud Technology is there to assist you in integrating existing business for uninterpreted business operations and a combined data landscape.W3S Cloud Technology empowers your business through integrating Zoho with the tools you love and use. We know that disconnected software and data silos can hamper your growth and efficiency. That is why W3S Cloud Technology have gained and possess mastery in developing seamless integration that smooths your business operations, unlock valuable insights, and eradicate the necessity of manual data entry. We define smooth Zoho integration as Zoho ecosystem integration, custom workflow automation, third-party app integration, and other relevant features.

Seamless integration offers a wide range of benefits like enhanced efficiency, increased customer experience, improved collaboration, and data-driven decisions. You can expect to experience Zoho ecosystem integration as we are specialists in the whole Zoho suite. We can simply connect several Zoho applications like CRM, projects, Books, Creator and more. It facilitates concurrent data flow and excludes redundant tasks. It makes your business interconnected in a true sense. We also offer third-party app integration. Beyond Zoho, W3S Cloud Technology possesses vast knowledge regarding very famous applications like PieSync, Zapier, and Pabbly Connect. We can exploit their powerful APIs to connect the gap between Zoho and your present tools like email marketing platforms, accounting software etc.

Setup and Customization

At W3S Cloud Technology, we focus on providing top-level Zoho setup and customization services to fuel your business entity with advanced solutions. We know the associated complexities of the platform and maximize our expertise to customize it to let it run perfectly and be compatible with your unique business needs.W3S offers the following service.

🎯Primary configuration: We can assist you in enjoying the smooth Zoho journey by laying out the platform based on your business needs. Whether it is a new account creation or fundamental module configuration, we offer a seamless integration with your present systems.

🎯Module customization: It includes customizing Zoho CRM, Zoho Projects, Zoho Books, and other modules to match with your workflow. We can tailor fields, automation, and layouts to optimize efficiency and bring a user-friendly experience.

🎯Working process automation: From now on you can ease your entire business process through the process of automation for repetitive tasks. We know how to design workflow in such a manner that not only saves time but also reduces the necessity of manual intervention. That means now you have more time to concentrate on strategic and creative initiatives.

🎯Integration services: It includes connecting Zoho with other applications and tools. Other applications and tools mean payment gateways, third-party apps, marketing tools etc. We bring data’s smooth flow across your whole ecosystem.

🎯User training: To get the maximum utility from the Zoho platform, you need to know the comprehensive aspects or knowledge associated with it. Yes, we offer the entire training module to ensure that your business associates are efficient in utilizing the functionality and features of the platform.

Migration and Implementation

As an expert Zoho Certified Business Consultant, W3S Cloud Technology aims to ensure consistent migration and effectual implementation customized to the distinctive needs of our valuable clients. We purposefully know and realize that the fruitful adoption of Zoho solutions is certainly an important milestone for any business intending to optimize its operational efficiency and bring growth. Regardless of whether, our time-tested consultants contain comprehensive experience and knowledge in migrating various systems in Zoho’s platform. Whether you are starting fresh, embracing Zoho from another ERP or CRM solution, or switching from old-fashioned software, our team has the expertise to assist you in the whole migration process. We utilize sophisticated methodologies to bring about data integrity, lessen downtime, and offer assurance of a smooth transition.

Every business is unique, and so are its requirements. One-fit-all  solutions may not go perfectly well with all the requirements of all businesses. We are well-trained to invest time in realizing your business, vision, mission, objective, competitors, products, service, price, and anything relevant. We love to think from your end. We love to think of your challenge as ours. Depending on the thorough analysis, W3S Cloud Technology offers tailored implementation methodologies that settle Zoho applications with the objectives of your business.

We generally go through several approaches in terms of data migration strategy like data analysis, selection of tools, data cleansing and mapping, testing and validation. Analyzing and understanding data sources and the requirements of clients are important for us. It is important to find out the appropriate migration approaches. Here we think of volume, potential integration requirements, and complexity. Based on that volume, selected migration timeline and data type, we select perfect Zoho tools and migration utilities. We also work on ensuring consistency and accuracy of data before migration. Of course, we also focus on testing and validation.

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