Cost is a critical consideration in any business decision-making process. Optimal pricing models are those that offer both adaptability and a guarantee of quality.

W3S Cloud Technology’s Pricing

Seeking the most cost-effective Zoho Partner without a quality guarantee is not what you’ll find with us. Choosing our services means you’re opting for our unparalleled technical expertise and sophisticated system architecture, as validated by our satisfied clientele globally.

We stand out as one of the top companies in Bangladesh, boasting the largest team of Zoho specialists. Our premium pricing reflects the exceptional quality of our services, distinguishing us from other Zoho Partners worldwide. We prioritize your business needs and aim to collaborate with partners who are committed to achieving the highest standards of success. Amigo Informatics is dedicated to tailoring our pricing to suit the specific demands of your project. We invite you to explore our two primary pricing models and to connect with our professional consultants today to determine the most suitable option for your needs.

Our Support Plan

Understand Our Plan

Time Model

Compensation is determined by the daily hours of work performed. This approach suits scenarios where the work’s scope and outcomes are not precisely delineated. It’s also applied in cases requiring research and development within a project that’s already in progress.


✔ Uniform hourly rate throughout the project.

✔ Hours logged using our timesheet in the project/support portal.

✔ Process for pre-approving new tasks with predetermined time estimates.

✔ No monthly minimum hours required; purchase hours in advance and utilize them over time. Suitable for smaller-scale projects.

Fixed Price

As suggested by its name, this model is price-focused and among the most established. It guarantees the delivery of work for a fixed price, within an agreed-upon scope.


The Fixed Price model requires a clear and mutual agreement on the scope of work, milestones, and final deliverables between the involved parties.