Aligns Smoothly with the EOS Process Component

If you’re on the hunt for a streamlined method to blend your CRM processes, you’ve landed in the ideal spot.

What Benefits Does the Zoho CRM Process Offer You?

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Identify Your Business Main Activities


In this initial phase, you'll pinpoint and record the key activities that drive your business forward, like HR, marketing, sales, operations, finance, and keeping your customers happy. This helps make sure everyone in charge knows exactly what they should be doing, keeping your team in sync.

Document Your Key Activities


Now, it's time to write down these important activities. The person in charge will guide this task. Remember, it's crucial to have identified these activities beforehand. Apply the 20/80 principle: concentrate on the crucial 20% that will deliver 80% of your outcomes. Aim for brevity in your documentation.

Combine Everything into One Place


After you've mapped out your main activities in the first two steps, step three simplifies things. Gather all the hard work you've completed, use the main activities you identified as a table of contents, and transform each activity detailed in step two into its own section. Organize everything neatly in a folder or online on your company's internal website for everyone to find easily.

Final Process


For this important phase to work, your leaders need to fully buy into the concept that everyone sticks to one system. It's key to create a clear visual guide of your approach. Since business processes can be a bit hard to grasp, having a visual aid makes it easier for everyone to get on board and follow the plan.

What Benefits Does the Zoho CRM Process Offer You?

The essence of W3S Cloud Technology CRM integration transcends mere connectivity—it opens a gateway to an array of advantages for your business. Let’s delve into the transformative benefits this integration brings to the table, articulated in straightforward and professional terms.

1. Centralized Documentation of Business Processes

W3S Cloud Technology’s CRM provides a unified platform for documenting all your essential business processes. Unlike scattered documentation in various Google docs or folders, our system organizes everything in one accessible location. This centralized approach ensures that all process-related information is easily findable, reducing time wasted on searching for documents and increasing overall efficiency.

2. Customized User Permissions

With W3S Cloud Technology’s CRM, you can tailor access permissions to suit the specific needs of your organization. This means sensitive processes, such as those within the HR department, are shielded from unauthorized viewing. Access can be finely tuned so that, for instance, only HR managers have the capability to modify these processes. This layer of security ensures that critical information is both protected and accessible to those who need it.

3. Automation

Create notifications to team members as reminders and followups as well as task assignment. For example: yearly process update to managers

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