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Image Gallery Extension for ZOHO CRM

Effortless Image Management by W3S Cloud: Integrating Image Gallery Extension with Zoho CRM for Seamless Organization

Image Gallery Extension for Zoho CRM: Enhancing Visual Content Management

Preview images and PDF files associated with Leads, Contacts, Accounts, and Products in Zoho CRM. Enjoy a responsive photo gallery with customizable row and column layouts in the related list. Easily upload files without the need for additional settings adjustments within Zoho CRM.

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Key Features of the Image Gallery Extension for Zoho CRM

1. Comprehensive Image and PDF Gallery

One of the standout features of the Image Gallery Extension is its ability to display all images and PDFs as a gallery of attachments within Zoho CRM. This organized and visually appealing format makes it easy to browse through and locate specific files, improving overall workflow efficiency.

2. Availability Across All Modules

The gallery feature is available in the related lists for all modules in Zoho CRM, including custom modules and Canvas views. This broad availability ensures that no matter where you need to access your visual content, the Image Gallery Extension has you covered. It integrates seamlessly with your existing CRM setup, providing a consistent experience across different modules.

3. Easy Upload and Management

Uploading images and files into Zoho CRM is made simple with this extension. Users can effortlessly add new visual content to their CRM, ensuring that all relevant files are stored and accessible in one place. This ease of use encourages better file management practices and ensures that your CRM remains a centralized hub for all business-related content.

4. Built-In Attachment Management

The Image Gallery Extension includes built-in attachment management, eliminating the need for third-party applications, integrations, or additional subscriptions. This all-in-one solution simplifies the process of managing attachments, reducing costs and administrative overhead. Once installed, the extension is ready to use, providing an immediate boost to your CRM’s functionality.

Benefits of the Image Gallery Extension for Zoho CRM

Enhanced Visual Content Management

By providing a dedicated gallery for images and PDFs, this extension significantly enhances the management of visual content within Zoho CRM. It ensures that all visual assets are organized, easily accessible, and efficiently managed, which is particularly beneficial for businesses that rely heavily on visual content.

Seamless Integration

With its availability across all modules and support for custom views, the Image Gallery Extension integrates seamlessly into your existing Zoho CRM setup. This integration ensures a smooth user experience and allows businesses to fully leverage their CRM’s capabilities without disruption.

Improved Workflow Efficiency

The ability to quickly locate and access visual files directly within Zoho CRM improves workflow efficiency. Teams can spend less time searching for files and more time on productive tasks. This streamlined access to visual content supports better collaboration and faster decision-making.

Cost-Effective Solution

The built-in attachment management feature makes this extension a cost-effective solution for managing visual content. By eliminating the need for additional tools or subscriptions, businesses can save money while still enjoying advanced file management capabilities.

How to Install and Use the Image Gallery Extension

Visit the Zoho Marketplace: Navigate to the Zoho Marketplace and search for the Image Gallery Extension for Zoho CRM.

✔ Install the Extension: Click on the extension and follow the installation prompts. You will need to authorize the integration with your Zoho CRM account.

✔ Configure Settings: Once installed, configure the extension settings to suit your business needs. This includes setting up the gallery view in different modules and customizing how files are displayed and managed.

✔ Upload and Manage Files: Start uploading images and PDFs into Zoho CRM using the extension. Utilize the gallery view to browse, manage, and access your visual content efficiently.